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At Kaerwell, our story allows us to understand the needs of healthcare professionals like you.  We deeply understand your challenges and aspirations and we are here to make it easier to achieve your goals.  Driven by our commitment to you, we are proud to offer private label fulfillment services. We have created two service packages available to you:


Fulfillment Only
Perfect if you already have your own online store

Order Fulfillment Kaerwell

  • Warehousing of your private labeled products from multiple brands!
  • Order processing, fill, and packaging
  • Inventory management included
  • Same day shipping on orders before 2 pm EST
  • Order tracking, shipping cost and inventory levels reporting
  • No warehousing fees, no obligation, only 20 order monthly minimum
  • Straightforward pricing:  $5 per order plus the actual cost of shipping.  You can charge S&H to offset this cost
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Full Service
Perfect if you just need us to handle it all!
  • Order management system KaerwellA custom online supplement dispensary which contains not only your private labeled but also your favorite manufacturer branded products from multiple brands
  • Warehousing and inventory management included
  • No inventory investment for manufacturer branded products!
  • Order by phone, email, text or live chat included
  • Customer service team included
  • Merchant fees included
  • Shipping cost included. Patients get free shipping over $100
  • Nationwide USPS Priority Mail reaching most parts of the country within 2 days
  • Real-time sales visibility and reporting included
  • Payout of 80%+ on the sale (based on gross profit). You can adjust the price of your private labeled products to offset this cost

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Dr. Ozdemir


“Our private label sales doubled since we started working with Kaerwell” 

Dr. Aylin Ozdemir M.D.

Integrative Medical Groups USA LLC




Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  How much will I collect on $100 Fulfillment Only sale?  If you choose the Fulfillment Only where you are using your own store, you will end up collecting around $97.50 after you account for your merchant fees.  Our warehousing, packaging and fulfillment fee is $5, plus the average cost of shipping nationwide is around $9.  That means you will collect net around $83.50.  You will still be responsible for your own website service fees, updating products and customer service.


2.  How much will I collect on $100 Full Service sale?  If you choose the Full Service where we handle it all for you, you will end up collecting $80 assuming the wholesale cost on that private labeled product was half of the retail amount.  For the remaining $20, we cover the webstore updates and servicing, merchant fees, warehousing, inventory management, packaging, fulfillment, shipping costs and customer service.


3.  Will I keep my discounts and will my local rep get credit?  Yes to both!  Since you are purchasing your private labeled inventory from your own account, you get to keep all of your discounts and your local rep will get full credit.


4.  Can I add branded products to my Full Service Kaerwell webstore?  Yes, we have access to a bit over 1000 brands!  Choosing this option is also a great way to manage your inventory cost since the cost for you to add manufacturer branded products is $0.


5.  Can you properly handle refrigerated products?  Yes, all heat sensitive products are kept under refrigeration.  They are shipped in a Cool Shield bag with an ice pack.  No, there is no extra charge for that 😀!


6.  How does Kaerwell make money with such a great price?  Yes, we do get this question all the time!  We are a distributor.  Distributors have low margins.  It is really that simple.  We pride ourselves with the operational efficiencies we have achieved so that we can pass those savings onto you.


7.  Will my in-office sales decrease by starting to sell online?  Most our our customers see their office sales remaining about the same, but observe a significant jump in overall sales.  The reason - their patients can now easily get their refills delivered to their doorstep.  Increased convenience equals increased reorders and compliance!


8.  How are patient refunds handled?  Completely up to you.  You are in full control of your return policy on your private labeled products.  We will simply follow it. 


9.  How much inventory do I need to send to get started?  It depends on your sales and the amount of time it takes to receive an order from your private label manufacturer.  Generally to avoid patient backorders, we like to have at minimum around 3-4 weeks of inventory per product.  To start, you can send us some of your current inventory, or order and have it delivered by your manufacturer.  Either way we will help you establish and maintain proper inventory levels.


10.  How long until I am up and running?  Generally by the time you can send us your products to our facility, you will be fully setup.


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